File Setup

Print Robot File SpecsFILE SETUP

All files should be in vector format or at least 300 dpi with CMYK color mode.
Preferred file formats: Vector or 300 dpi .pdf, .tif, .eps, or .ai. ( .psd, .indd, and .jpg also accepted)

To ensure the best possible output, be sure to keep all important content at least 1/8” from the edge of the canvas (before bleed is added) so it does not get cut during the trimming process. When setting up artwork, be sure to add 1/8” bleed on each side (1/4” total). Before exporting your files, confirm that outlines have been created on all fonts and that all linked files have been embedded.

For more details on how to setup artwork for your school, please download our file setup guide.



If you would like each card to contain a unique number and/or name, be sure to leave that layer editable in your artwork and provide the font if it’s uncommon. For sequential numbering, just let us know the starting number. For example, if the first decal is numbered 481516 and sequential numbering is requested, the next decal will be 481517, 481518, and so on.

If non-sequential numbering or name personalization are required, please provide a data file. Your data file should contain a unique column for each field of data. In the provided example of an Alumni Membership Card, this includes the First Name, Last Name, and Member #. A unique row should be provided for each card containing the data that will be printed on that card. In the provided example, row 4 is for MYCK ROBOTO. The card to the right illustrates how this data is output on the final card.

Data files can be created in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets or exported from a variety of programs. We accept .xls, .xlsx, .csv, and .txt data files.

For more details on variable data, please download our file setup guide.


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