Custom Luggage Tags Are One of the Best Promotional Items for 2021

Feb 24th 2021

Custom Luggage Tags Are One of the Best Promotional Items for 2021

Looking for the perfect printed product to stay top of mind with your customers or members? 2021 is THE year to order custom luggage tags!

According to Forbes, over 72% of Americans skipped their summer vacations in 2020 and the people that did travel, mostly did so via short road trips.

With coronavirus numbers finally on the decline, many Americans are eagerly planning their 2021 vacations for this spring, summer, and beyond. Even those that are still nervous to travel, are dreaming of the day when they can dust off their suitcases for a new adventure or to visit family and friends for a much awaited hug.

While travel agents may be the most obvious choice when thinking about companies that could benefit from this promotional item, they make an amazing marketing tool for any type of business, team, membership club, or association.

Custom Golf Bag TagsThink beyond suitcases with these custom printed plastic products. Luggage tags, also referred to as custom bag tags, have been a popular giveaway for tennis, golf, and country clubs who use them as tennis or custom golf bag tags to give out to members.

Schools and alumni associations love supplying their students - past and present - with luggage tags which can be used for backpacks and athletic bags as well. They are used to promote school spirit or as a thank you gift for alumni donations.

Planning a family reunion or special event? Why not mark the occasion with a memorable keepsake that doubles as a useful travel tag?

Working on hyping up visitors for an upcoming trade show or business gathering that requires some attendees to travel? These make a fantastic handout - better yet, mail them in advance along with other event info and get them excited ahead of the big day.

Customers love any type of giveaway - especially the ones that are unique and provide them with value.

Custom luggage tags feature a writable surface on the back that allows you to write your contact information using a pen or marker so people know who to contact in case the bag gets misplaced.

Bag tags can be printed with any design on the front, making it easy to spot your luggage as it rolls into baggage claim. This can include a logo, photograph, clever messaging, or a combination of all three.

Looking for a unique product to help promote your company?

luggage-tags.jpgPrint Robot is an online printing company that produces a wide range of products including luggage tags which are available in 4 standard sizes:

  • 3.5” Circle
  • 4.5” Circle
  • 3” x 4” Rectangle
  • 2 1/8” x 3 ⅜” Rectangle

Bag tags are printed on thick plastic like a credit card and contain a slot punch.

On the back, add some type of “If found please contact” messaging along with boxes for people to fill out their contact information such as name, email, phone number, cell phone number, and/or address. A special matte finish is added to the back to create a signature writing panel which can be filled in with a pen or marker.

Clear or black straps are also available which provide a durable way to connect your custom tags to your suitcase or bag.

If you are a graphic designer or have access to one, simply create the design you’d like that incorporates your logo, brand, and/or photograph, and messaging.

Just have a rough idea of what you’d like? Print Robot offers FREE professional design services on orders $250+.

Print Robot offers amazing prices on printed plastic cards, magnets, decals, and more along with FREE design services on orders $250+. Request a sample kit or get started with free design services on luggage tags.

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